• Image of Unlimited Charging Pack | Bestival 2017
  • Image of Unlimited Charging Pack | Bestival 2017
  • Image of Unlimited Charging Pack | Bestival 2017

****Early Bird Offer, Only £20!****

Music Angel Unlimited Charging Pack | Bestival 2017

Keep powered up at this year’s Bestival 2017 with the Music Angel Mobile Charging pack.

Get your very own Social Power battery, with an unlimited wristband, entitling you to swap your battery pack for a fully charged one as many times at you like at this year’s Bestival 2017.

Unlimited charging all weekend.

This year battery packs will be delivered to you prior to the festival. Remember, in order to use the service you MUST be wearing your unlimited charging wristband and have your battery to swap at the event. Full terms and conditions are available at the bottom of this page.

Inside your pack you will receive:

- Music Angel SP Unlimited Battery
- Micro USB - USB Cable (For charging the battery & charging Android devices)
- Music Angel Pouch
- Music Angel Lanyard
- Unlimited Charging Wristband (For swapping your battery at the festival)

Delivery available up to 21 days before the festival - following this pre-order will still be available, but you will have to collect your product at the festival. Details will be available on our website, and emailed to you.

Please note - Products will only be delivered to addresses in the UK. If your address is entered as outside the UK you will not have shipping charged, and will have to pick up your product at the event for which it was purchased.

All batteries will be delivered in a varity of colours - once at the event you are able to swap for any available colour. If you have an Apple device, please bring your own charging cable - alternatively they can be purchased from us at the event.

Service is subject to terms and conditions and all sales include 20% VAT.